This is a small permaculture nursery (that propagates thousands of plants annually) in northwest IL (USDA Hardiness Zone 5b) that specializes in growing hardy, low-input, disease and pest resistant plants that produce in a variety of conditions (sunny, shaded, wet, dry); fruit trees, nut trees, berries, vines, natives, perennial vegetables/herbs, and groundcovers that are perfect for edible hedges, pollinator gardens, food forests, native plantings/agriculture, agroecosystems, agroforestry, silvopasture, foodscapes, conservation and restoration projects. We sell plants to fund locally adapted perennial crop breeding projects intended to continue to supply new generations of resilient perennial crops for local food systems.

This nursery is not open to public browsing and does not ship (with the exception of “BAREROOT” plants and germplasm), as you may be used to with other nurseries, so I please ask to send an order based on the the website lists (perennialcropsnursery.wordpress.com) prior to coming, along with the date you plan on picking them up from the Nursery (16540 Waller Rd, Fulton, IL 61252). Plants listed as “BAREROOT” and “Grow It Yourself” are the only things available to be shipped. I can always send pictures, or show certain plants in person if requested. 563-676-1736


*Contract growing, pre-orders, consultations, bulk pricing, planting and design services, pruning, custom/on-site grafting, rehabilitating old fruit trees/orchards, removing invasive species, and other plant-based services available if inquired. (Pollinator Gardens, Food Forests, Native Plantings, Agroforestry, Foodscapes, Edible Hedges, etc.)

(<Pecan pictured)


(Persimmon pictured>)


*Call, email, or mail to arrange order, pick-up, and delivery date/time. 

(<Pawpaw pictured)

Elder, Elderberry

*Please return plastic pots/crates for re-use

(Elderberry pictured>)

* let us know if you want to join our email list (we only send emails out several times a year with upcoming events, deals and new plant availability)

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