Fruit Trees

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Everything listed come rooted in pots from 10 in. deep to 29 in. deep unless stated “Bare Root” which are only available late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring when they are dormant.

Apple “Antonovka” seedlingMalus pumila$15
Apple (Crab)Malus$15
Apple (Grafted Semi-Dwarf, 2+ years old)(1 of each in stock) Adam’s Pearmain • Ashton Bitter • Autumn Arctic • Brown Snout • Burgundy • Canadian Strawberry • Centennial Crab • Cole’s Quince • Crandall • Crown Prince Rudolph (2) • Devonshire Crimson Queen • Duchess of Oldenburg • Dummelow’s Seedling • Empire • Ergemont Russett • Fameuse • Golden Nugget • Golden Pearmain • Golden Russet • Grenadiev • Haralred • Hudson’s Golden Gem • Kavanaugh • King David • King of Tompkins County • Laxton’s Fortune • Le Bret • Lord Lambourne • Lorna Doone • Lyman’s Large • Mother • Oriole • Pomme Grise • Prairie Gold • Red Devil • Rusty Coat Sweet • Shavel Sharp • St. Lawrence • Sturmer Pippin • Westfield Seek No Further • Whitney Crab • Wolf River • Yosemite + MORE…Malus$40
Apple (Grafted Semi-Dwarf, 1st year trees)Baldwin • Bramley • Calville Blanc • Calville Rouge • Court Pendu Plat • Cox’s Orange Pippin • Crown Prince Rudolf • Ellison’s Orange • Ergemont Russett • Golden Russett • Holiday • Karmijn Sounaville • Kid’s Orange Red • King David • Lamb Abbey • Mollie Delicious • Orleans Reinette • Ribston Pippin • Roxbury Russett • Summer Rambo • Suntan • White PearmainMalus$30
Apricot “Robada” seedlingPrunus armeniaca$15
Apricot “Zard” seedlingPrunus armeniaca$15
Apricot (seedling from hardy cultivar)Prunus armeniaca$15
Blackhaw viburnumViburnum prunifolium$15
Cherry (Black), WildPrunus serotina$15
Chokecherry Prunus virginiana$15
Cornelian Cherry (OUT OF STOCK)Cornus mas$15
Elderberry (American), Adam’s, Bob Gordon (Limited Supply), Jerome’s, John’s, Medicine Wheel (Limited Supply), Ranch (Limited Supply), Scotia (Limited Supply), Wyldewood (Limited Supply), York (Limited Supply)Sambucus canadensis$15
Elderberry (American), WildSambucus canadensis$10
Elderberry (European), Marge (Limited Supply), Sampo (Limited Supply)Sambucus nigra$15
Fig, Chicago Hardy and limited supply of other varietiesFicus carica$15
GinkgoGinkgo biloba$15
Goumi (Nitrogen-fixer)(OUT OF STOCK)Elaeagnus multiflora$15
Mandarin Melon Berry/Seedless Che Fruit (OUT OF STOCK)Maclura tricuspidata$35
Medlar (Grafted Cultivar)(OUT OF STOCK)Mespilus germanica$35
MulberryMorus $10
NannyberryViburnum lentago$15
Osage Orange/Hedge/BodarkMaclura pomifera$13
Pawpaw seedlings from improved orchardAsimina triloba$15
Peach seedlings from select trees in IA and ILPrunus persica$20
Pear (Grafted Cultivars; Potomac, Hood, Comtesse Clara Frijs, Charles Harris, Harrow Delight, Harrow Sweet, Harrow Delight, Clark’s Small Yellow, Tyson, Perdue, Magness, Dabney, Warren, Martini, Sweet Cheeks, Maxine, Summercrisp, Ayers, Luscious, & more…Pyrus communis$30
Persimmon (American) Native IL seedlingDiospyros virginiana$15
Persimmon (American) BAREROOT Native IL seedlingDiospyros virginiana$8
Persimmon (American and Hybrid) seedlings from cultivarsDiospyros virginiana$15
Plum “NY 101 Gage” seedlingPrunus x domestica$15
Plum (Seedling of hardy cultivar) Prunus x domestica$15
Plum, WildPrunus americana$15
Quince “Lemony”Chaenomeles lagenaria$15
Serviceberry/Juneberry/Saskatoon Amelanchier arborea$15
Siberian Peashrub (Nitrogen-fixer) Caragana arborescens$15