Grow It Yourself (Available for Shipping)

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Comfrey, Blocking 14 (1 in. root cuttings)(Available November-March)Symphytum Uplandicum$2
Cornelian Cherry Seed (30 Seeds) (Available September-February)Cornus Mas$10
Currant (Black) Cutting (Available November-March)Ribes nigrum$4
Currant (Red) Cutting (Available November-March)Ribes rubrum$4
Elderberry (2 node hardwood cutting)(Available November-March)Sambucus canadensis$3.00
Goji Berry (6 in. softwood cutting)(Available May-August)Lycium barbarum$3
Grape, Concord (2 node hardwood cutting)(Available November-March)Vitis labrusca$3.00
Pawpaw Seed (From cultivar and/or native IL trees) (25 Seeds)(Available November-March)Asimina triloba$10
Pecan Seed (25 Seeds)(Available November-February)Carya illinoinensis$15
Persimmon (25 seeds) (From American, Native IL and/or Cultivar trees)(Available November-March)Diospyros virginiana$10
Sunchoke/Jerusalem Artichoke/Sunroot (3 tubers)(Available October-March)Helianthus tuberosus$9
Walking Onion Bulbs (7 Bulbs) (Available August-February)Allium × proliferum$12
Walnut (Black) (From Cultivar and/or Native IL trees) (1lb seed)(Available November-February)Juglans nigra$7
WIllow Hybrid, Bigfoot (1-2ft cutting)(Available year-round)Salix$4
Willow, Mooncat (1-2ft cutting)(Available year-round)Salix$4