Vines; Arctic Kiwi, Hardy Kiwi, Grape, Hops, Perennial Beans etc:

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Arctic Kiwi, Arctic Beauty (Male) (Limited supply)Actinidia kolomikta$15
Arctic Kiwi, Krupnoplodnaja (Female) (Limited supply), Red Beauty (Female) (Limited supply)Actinidia kolomikta$15
Caucasian SpinachHablitzia tamnoides$11
Chinese Mountain Yam/Cinnamon Vine/Air-PotatoDioscorea polystachya$6
Grape, Frontenac (Blue-Black) (Limited supply), Frontenac Gris (Bronze-Gray) (Limited supply), Kay Gray (Green) (Limited supply), LaCrosse (White) (Limited supply), Prairie Star (White) (Limited supply), St. Croix (Red-Blue) (Limited supply), St. Pepin (White) (Limited supply)Vitis hybrid$10
Grape, Bluebell (Purple-Blue) (Limited supply), Concord (Blue-Pruple), Mars Seedless (Blue), Niagara (Green-White), Swenson (Red)Vitis labrusca$10
Grape, Edelweiss (White), Sabrevois (Red) (Limited supply)Vitis vinifera$10
Groundnut/Perennial Potato-Bean (Improved) (Nitrogen-fixer)(Available in Fall)Apios americana $10
Hardy Kiwi, (Male)Actinidia arguta$15
Hardy Kiwi, Anna (Female), Geneva 3 (Female) (Limited supply), Ken’s Red (Female), Kickapoo (Female) (Limited supply), MSU (Female)Actinidia arguta$15
Hops, Brewer’s Gold, Cascade Humulus lupulus$15
Wild Kidney Bean/Thicket Bean (Nitrogen-fixing)Phaseolus polystachios$9