Native Shrubs

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Everything listed come rooted in pots from 10 in. deep to 29 in. deep unless stated “Bare Root” which are only available late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring when they are dormant.

Aronia Berry Aronia melanocarpa$15
Aronia Berry, Viking Aronia melanocarpa$20
Arrowwood viburnumViburnum dentatum$15
Blackberry (Thornless)(Limited supply), Chester, Triple CrownRubus spp.$15
Blackhaw viburnumViburnum prunifolium$15
Chokecherry Prunus virginiana$15
Elderberry (American), Adam’s, Bob Gordon (Limited Supply), Jerome’s, John’s, Medicine Wheel (Limited Supply), Ranch (Limited Supply), Scotia (Limited Supply), Wyldewood (Limited Supply), York (Limited Supply)Sambucus canadensis$15
Elderberry (American), WildSambucus canadensis$10
Gooseberry, Amish (Red) (Limited Supply), George (Red)Ribes uva-crispa$15
Gooseberry, Jahn’s Prairie (Pink) (Limited Supply)Ribe oxyacanthoides L.$15
Hazelnut, American/American FilbertCorylus americana$15
Hibiscus/Rose MallowHibiscus lasiocarpos$15
Highbush Cranberry  (Limited supply)Viburnum trilobum$15
MulberryMorus $10
NannyberryViburnum lentago$15
Raspberry (Black), Bristol, Jewell, Pequot LakesRubus occidentalis$15
Raspberry (Black), WildRubus occidentalis$15
Raspberry (Thimbleberry, Red)Rubus parviflorus$15
Serviceberry/Juneberry/Saskatoon Amelanchier arborea$15
SpicebushLindera benzoin$15
Witch-hazelHamamelis virginiana$15