Native Trees

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Everything listed come rooted in pots from 10 in. deep to 29 in. deep unless stated “Bare Root” which are only available late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring when they are dormant.

Blackhaw viburnumViburnum prunifolium$15
Cherry (Black), WildPrunus serotina$15
Chinkapin/Alleghany Chinquapin seedling of “Copper”Castanea pumila$15
Chokecherry Prunus virginiana$15
Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis$15
Elderberry (American), Adam’s, Bob Gordon (Limited Supply), Jerome’s, John’s, Medicine Wheel (Limited Supply), Ranch (Limited Supply), Scotia (Limited Supply), Wyldewood (Limited Supply), York (Limited Supply)Sambucus canadensis$15
Elderberry (American), WildSambucus canadensis$10
Hazelnut, American/American FilbertCorylus americana$15
Hican (Hickory x Pecan) Carya x$15
Hickory (Black)Carya texana$15
Hickory (Shellbark) Carya laciniosa$15
MulberryMorus $10
Oak (Bur) Quercus macrocarpa$15
Oak (Red) Quercus rubra$15
Oak (White) Quercus alba$15
Pawpaw, seedlings from improved orchardAsimina triloba$15
PecanCarya illinoinensis$15
Pecan BAREROOT seedling of “Iowa”Carya illinoinensis$8
Pecan seedlings of “Allaman”, “Kanza”Carya illinoinensis$15
Persimmon (American and Hybrid) seedlings from cultivarsDiospyros virginiana$15
Persimmon (American) Native IL seedlingsDiospyros virginiana$15
Persimmon (American) BAREROOT Native IL seedlingsDiospyros virginiana$8
Plum, WildPrunus americana$15
Serviceberry/Juneberry/Saskatoon Amelanchier arborea$15
Walnut (Black) BAREROOT seedlings of “Bowser”, “Emma K”, “Hoppee”, “L Hay”, “Meyers Sport”, “Meyers”, “Quick Crop”, “Stabler”, “Thomas”, “Vandersloot” Juglans nigra$6
Walnut (Black)  seedlings of “Football”, “Sparrow”, “Thomas Meyers”Juglans nigra$10
Walnut (Black) Wild, BAREROOTJuglans nigra$6
Walnut (Black) WildJuglans nigra$10
Walnut (White)/American Butternut Juglans cinerea$10
Walnut Hybrids (White)/American Butternut/Heartnut/Black walnutJuglans cinerea x ailantifolia or nigra$10
Witch-hazelHamamelis virginiana$15