Nut Trees

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Everything listed come rooted in pots from 10 in. deep to 29 in. deep unless stated “Bare Root” which are only available late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring when they are dormant.

Chestnut (Chinese)(Seedlings of “Qing”, “Gideon”, “Mossbarger” and more)Castanea mollissima$15
Chestnut (European)(Seedling of cultivar) Castanea sativa$15
Chestnut (Hybrid)(Seedling of cultivar) Castanea sativa$15
Chinkapin/Alleghany Chinquapin, seedling of “Copper”Castanea pumila$15
Ginkgo Ginkgo biloba$15
Hazelnut, American/American FilbertCorylus americana$15
Hazelnut/European Filbert “Jefferson” seedlingCorylus avellana$15
Hican (Hickory x Pecan) Carya x$15
Hickory (Black) Carya texana$15
Hickory (Shellbark) Carya laciniosa$15
Oak (Bur) Quercus macrocarpa$15
Oak (Hybrid)(English Oak x American White Oak)Quercus x bimundorum$15
Oak (Red) Quercus rubra$15
Oak (White) Quercus alba$15
Osage Orange/Hedge/BodarkMaclura pomifera$13
PecanCarya illinoinensis$15
Pecan seedlings of “Allaman”, “Kanza”Carya illinoinensis$15
Pecan seedling of “Iowa”, BAREROOTCarya illinoinensis$8
Pine Nut (Korean) (Available September+)Pinus koraiensis$15
Pine Nut (Swiss Stone) (Available September+)Pinus cembra$15
Siberian Peashrub (Nitrogen Fixer) Caragana arborescens$15
Walnut (Black) BAREROOT seedlings of “Bowser”, “Emma K”, “Hoppee”, “L Hay”, “Meyers Sport”, “Meyers”, “Quick Crop”, “Stabler”, “Thomas”, “Vandersloot” Juglans nigra$6
Walnut (Black)  seedlings of “Football”, “Sparrow”, “Thomas Meyers”Juglans nigra$10
Walnut (Black) Wild, BAREROOTJuglans nigra$6
Walnut (Black) WildJuglans nigra$10
Walnut (English/Persian/Carpathian)BAREROOTJuglans regia$8
Walnut (English/Persian/Carpathian)Juglans regia$15
Walnut (Heartnut/Japanese) Seedlings of Cultivars, BAREROOTJuglans ailantifolia$8
Walnut (Heartnut/Japanese) Seedlings of CultivarsJuglans ailantifolia$15
Walnut (White/American Butternut) Juglans cinerea$10
Walnut Hybrids (White/American Butternut/Heartnut/Black walnut)Juglans cinerea x ailantifolia or nigra$10